Now flats. (2.v.2001)

The Fair Rosamund (Marstons)
Chestnut Road, Botley

Marstons Bitter GBP 1.71
Strongbow Cider GBP 2.02
Guinness Stout  GBP 2.10 (9.ii.1998)

Pleasant and typical enough suburban pub, with Marstons Bitter (drinkable 
enough) the only thing on cask (but coming out of at least four taps), and 
divided into a public bar, which on weekday evenings fills slowly with the 
pool-playing local youth, and the lounge, which is a sort of hard-wearing 
plush, decorated with mediaeval-type ornaments in glass cases, and fills 
slowly with early middle-aged computer programmers (in anoraks) from 
Botley who talk quietly about Visual Basic and the stock market. In the 
corridor between the two there is an engraving-type device of Rosamund the 

This isn't a being-murdered-by-Eleanor-of-Aquitaine theme pub, which is 
good. Facilities spotless, and no angle. Doesn't do any discernible food, 
but there is a meat draw on Sundays. (9.ii.1998)


Marstons want to sell it for redevelopment as houses separately from the 
rest of their pub estate, because it isn't as profitable as places that do 
food. (10.i.1999)