England's Rose
Free House tied to Morrells
London Road, Postcombe OX9 7DP. Tel (01844) 281383

It's a tall, white former coaching inn on the A40, looking rather like the 
sort of building that five year olds draw if they're asked for a house. On 
the inside, both the public bar, which has a magenta pool table, and the 
lounge have exposed brick work, but it's only in the lounge and the Golden 
Candle restaurant in a shed outside that you get the Diana memorabilia.

Didn't see the shed, but we did see the lounge, which has commemorative 
plates, saucers, photographs, candles, poems of predictable awfulness (one 
of them, in an attempt at the heightened language of a previous century 
starts a line "Oh sod,"), and letters from celebrities.

Most of them are supportive, but the one from Earl Spencer is best. It 
culminates with "My sister detested alcohol, and would not have wanted me 
to help you in any way."

As to the beer, because they get through a cask of Morrells Oxford about 
every three days, it was the best pint of it I've had. It's actually 
pretty good, would you believe. Rounded, top note of hops. Postcombe's a 
bit of a trek though. For a pint. (19.ix.1998)