The Elm Tree
95 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1HR. Tel. Oxford (01865) 244706

A. Broom updates:

No longer a Thai restaurant; closed, refurbishment going on, reopening
at some point as Big Society Oxford, whatever that is. (2012-12-12)

Duncan Parkes updates;

... is now a Thai restaurant, though it does still do a pint. (2011-10-05)

* Morrells Varsity Bitter £2.00 (30.xii.1999) Ah. They've redone it. Lots of neon signs, American football paraphernalia stuck to the ceiling above the pool table, mock American street names on the wall, pictures of American celebrities all over the place, and huge shiny mirror. While the blackboard outside claims that The Elm Tree is `a venue', there's no evidence of any gigs at all. The Bully Room (where they used to hold the gigs) was full of loud music and people dancing. New Morrells strikes again. (15.xii.2000) James Davey writes The Elm Tree is right next to the UPP on the Cowley Road/Jeune Street corner. It is also conveniently placed opposite a decent fish and chip shop which is handy if you are feeling a bit peckish at closing time. OK, I'll talk about the pub now. This review is somewhat limited in scope, I have only been to this pub on band nights, I have no idea what it is like in the day. I found it full of people wearing black clothes and lots of bits of metal in their faces (and other parts, allegedly) However, they all seem pretty friendly. There are also a bunch of townies hanging round the pool table who faintly worried me without doing anything untoward. The pub is divided into three sections, the main bar which isn't very large, the pool table (which lies between you and the toilets) and the other room, which has bands. There are gigs on most nights at the Elm Tree, usually the standard Oxford circuit types. I've seen Dead Before Dawn, The Dandys and Flatliners to name but a few. Flatliners were rather good actually, my friend John really liked them. The decor is decidedly Irish with pictures of Yeats, Wilde, Shaw and others adorning the walls. Guinness stuff hangs from the ceiling and the walls are painted green. This also means you can get Guinness OR Murphys. Bar staff seemed friendly enough. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea but still a reasonable pub with plenty of live music. (26.ix.1997) Editorial annotation: The chap behind the bar struck me as being distinctly West Irish, and the room with the stage in it is called "An Seómra Tairb", which he's translated as "The Bully Room". (12.i.1998)