The Elm Tree, 21 West End, Witney
Free House
Wadworth 6X 1.90
Caffreys 2.20
Guinness 2.20
Orange juice 80p (26.ii.1999)

James Davey writes:
Medium sized beamed pub. Unlike many of this kind the beams seem to be 
genuine and the pub feels old rather than fake. The oddest thing about it 
all was the beardy guy who stood at the bar the whole time we were there 
but didn't appear to drink, talk or even move.

I seem to recall there was a pool table out back. There certainly was a 
topless calendar behind the bar. The barmaid didn't seem to mind.

My Fullers London Pride was perfectly acceptable, if not fantastic. 

Editorial note:
What is more, at the far end of the well-lit pool table extension, there 
is a green-blinded conservatory with two rocking chairs and a sofa, not to 
mention games including Scrabble and a garden version of Jenga.

There was a knot of young men round the jukebox who tried to sing along to 
Neil Diamond but couldn't remember the words. (26.ii.1999)