Became Café Bohème and is now The Merton Brasserie.

The Eastgate Hotel,
Merton Street, Oxford.

Guinness 2.25
Caffreys 2.50 (Two Pounds Fifty)
Bass Strong Ale 2.00
Strongbow Cider 2.10 (23.ix.1897 [Should be 1997.  Freudian slip.])

On the corner of Merton St and the High St, I used to live next to this in 
my first year, and I was never disturbed by rowdy pubgoers, or any sort of 
pubgoer at all. The one time I went I was embarrassed to find one of my 
tutors at an adjacent table.

They have no bitters on tap, and the exemplar price list above is more or 
less their complete range of draught potables. I can't think of any 
reasons for coming here, unless you're a reclusive Merton tutor (the 
second time I came in here, not to drink, just to note the prices, I saw 
another one), or you want to avoid company altogether.

They have ultraviolet lamps along the top of the shelving behind the bar 
behind the glasses. In fairness, I should point out that there is a 
student card which you can purchase in order to get discounts, but is it 
really worth it? (23.ix.1997)

Liz Beaumont Bissell writes:
A curious place with a subdued atmosphere and extremely orange wood 
panelling.  Restful.  Enoch Powell was reliably sighted here in 1990.