The Eagle and Child
St Giles, Oxford

Coffee 95 p
Coke GBP 1.20 (2001-02-10)

A winding building of some age (an account is mounted on one of the walls),
this is best seen from above and behind from Regent's Park College. At the 
street side, there's two small dark woody compartments on either side of 
the passage in, which widens to include a bar, then snakes round into the 
non-smoking conservatory at the back, which has a tiled floor and is very 

It seems very keen to sell itself as the pub where Tolkien, C. S. Lewis,
and the bloke who wrote "The Sword in the Stone" met, and called
themselves the Inklings. In contrast, Cambridge has a pub that advertises
Watson and Crick.

A picture of this pub, taken from St Giles, is provided on the web by
Taruithorn, the Tolkien Society.

After the refurbishment that followed the division of Allied Domecq's estate
between Bass and Punch Taverns, it looks much the same, but slightly shinier,
The real ales on offer are now the standard Adnams, Bass, Ind Coope Burton
Ale, and I think Greene King IPA.

All of the food may contain traces of nuts. (2001-02-10)

It hasn't changed, and after two and a half years it's still shiny.  Beer
range now includes Hancock's HB and Bateman's XXXB. (2003-10-07)

Appears in Kate Pugh's Vegan Oxford.

(Latest fieldwork: 2003-10-07)