The Eagle Tavern, Magdalen Road
Pint of Arkells 3B and one of Strongbow Dry Cider 4.40 (10.iv.1999)

I was convinced that this had shut, but they were merely repainting it and 
fitting a carpet. The effect of inch-thick magnolia and even thicker 
Axminster is to drive out the men playing pool very slowly, the one-man 
disco on Friday and Saturday nights (CDs, ashtray, pint of smooth and 
enormous PA system), and the possibility of buying drugs, and to replace 
them all with studenty students and the landlord's mad relative, who has 
dogs. I missed their names.

There is a sign behind the bar banning the smoking of drugs, the supply of 
drugs, and having a switched-on mobile phone, all in the one breath. It 
says nothing about shooting up. The beams in the ceiling are ridiculously 
twee. (10.iv.1999)