Now demolished.


The Duke of York (Morrells)
Oxpens Road, Oxford.

    * Morrells Varsity 1.95 (One Pound Ninety-Five) (21.iv.2000)

This has been recently refurbished by New Morrells. But first, a brief 
account of what it was like before.

Definite smell of food about this place. It was constructed on what became the edge of the Westgate Centre car park, when the plans for housing development in the Oxpens area looked rather different. Food served till 9.30pm in the evening. Definite sense of folk coming in in the evening when their work finishes. Youngish clientele. Whereas the Bear has ties in glass cases on its walls and ceilings, and the Port Mahon has jugs screwed into the ceiling of its upper bar, the Duke of York has baseball caps drawing pinned to the ceiling. There's also threatening notices warning you of the inadmissibility of, say, not buying a drink before playing pool or on the fruit machines, sharing drinks, not having bought a drink, and not leaving after fifteen minutes of buying a drink. (19.xi.1997)
All this has gone. We now have standard issue Morrells bar tat (old advertising, bar towels surrounded by beer mats in a flower-like arrangement) spread thinly over a newly wood-panelled and bordello lighting lit pub of twice the former apparent size. Varsity (approaching the turn, I thought) and Oxford on offer; Graduate off. Projector screen in the corner showing football. More in the way of customers than last time. There is no earthly reason you would come here with The Wharf House a little further along. (21.iv.2000)