The Duke of Monmouth (Marstons)
Abingdon Road, Oxford

    * Greene King Abbot Ale 1.66 (30.v.1999)

On the corner of Sunningwell Road and Abingdon Road, this was constructed 
in the 1930s. It has been relatively recently refurbished (at a cost of a 
third of a million pounds according to an indiscreet barman in Grandpont, 
though exactly what they spent the money on other than thick carpets and 
lots of curtain is unclear).

Since the departure of Marstons from brewing beer after their takeover by 
Wolverhampton and Dudley (they're reduced to Pedigree) the pub now only 
stocks Pedigree, Greene King IPA and Abbot Ale.

Quiet, it is, and it has two huge distracting televisions, one in the 
public bar, one in the lounge, but in the small family bit behind the bar 
there's just a few pictures of the pub in the days of sepia and a chest of 
drawers to entertain you.

They do food (except on Thursdays), but it takes ages apparently because 
there's just one wee woman doing it. Good place for a quiet pint or game 
of pool, if you're in the area, but not worth actively wandering out to 
New Hinksey for if you're in the town centre or further north. (30.v.1999)