Closed early 2000. Now "The Cellar".

The Dolly (Courage)
Frewin Court, Cornmarket Street, Oxford.

Sunday 7pm to 10.30pm
Monday to Wednesday 2pm to 11pm
Thursday to Saturday 5pm to 2am (charge after 10pm)

    * Courage Best Cask 1.90
    * Courage Best Keg 1.90
    * Orange juice (per pint) 2.00
    * Fosters Lager 2.20 (14.x.1998)

The first thing I noticed was a slight whiff of damp. This gets 
discernibly stronger as you go down. When I went the first time, it was 
completely deserted, and it was Paul McCartney day on VH1 on a giant 
screen. The one cask is Courage Best, which I found oddly drinkable. They 
do the usual Courage keg range, plus Westons Scrumpy Jack.

It has a comprehensively dishevelled look to it: sort of like a superior 
though slightly disreputable college bar. It has a reasonably-sized stage 
concealed behind the projection TV screen, which is used for up-and-coming 
local bands on Tuesday nights. On such occasions the clientele is a mix of 
folk who have come to see the band, and the regulars. (14.x.1998)