The Dew Drop Inn (Courage)
Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford

    * Theakston's Best 1.73
    * Courage Best 1.72
    * Courage Directors 1.89
    * Scrumpy Jack 2.12
    * Coca cola 83p (13.xii.1997)

Have been asked to point out that this comes with Ruth (Kitchin)'s dad's 
recommendations.  Standard range of Courage stuff, good service, set well 
back from the main road.  I seem to remember seeing an advert for it which 
plugged the garden heavily.  This was a mistake, since it's not much 
bigger than that of the Old Tom, and has no view whatsoever.  Fifteen 
degrees, if you pay attention to that sort of thing.

The barmaid was impressively pierced on those bits of her flesh that we 
could see.  The tills are operated by those magnetic keys that looked like 
batteries, which the staff clip to their belts.  She should have clipped 
it to her navel ring. (13.xii.1997)

A Wadhamite acquaintance of mine was here on New Year's Eve.  Midnight 
came and went unmarked.  Then at about quarter past somebody noticed that it 
was 1999 and let off party poppers. (10.i.1999)