The Crumpled Horn, Heathfield Village
Free House
Boddingtons Cold Sick 2.20
Stowford Press Cider 2.30
Glass of Pimm's 2.45 (11.iv.1999)

Heathfield Village is at the end of a box tree-lined lane off the 
Bletchingdon and Islip junction of the A34, and consists of a collection 
of biggish houses, a cattery, a driving range, and a nursing home. In the 
grounds of the nursing home are a farm and a converted barn. This is the 
Crumpled Horn. The pub sign is a bull (with one horn crumpled) in a 
morning suit, leaning on a cane.

The whole pub is a dark green, with black treetrunks holding up the beam 
separating the dining area from the pub bit. Hawaiian effect straw pelmets 
round the top of the bar. Leather seating. Disused electric piano next to 
blazing fire. Piped George Michael and a giant St Bernard called Molly.
Posh woman with a copy of the Sunday Times and a cup of coffee. Sunday 
night is "Games Night". (11.iv.1999)