The Crown Inn (Free House)
Toot Baldon, Oxfordshire

    * Morland Original 1.75
    * Mansfield Bitter 1.78
    * Adnam's Broadside 2.16
    * Guinness 2.25
    * Strongbow Cider 2.15
    * Bailey's 1.30 (12.xii.1997)

It's got a number of Morland trappings, bar towels, pumps, ashtrays, but 
claims to be a Free House. Restauranty bit, newspapers to read, and a 
generally cosy atmosphere. There are three entrances, of which the one on 
the main road is sealed up, the first one on the Marsh Baldon side of the 
building takes you to the restaurant, and only the next one round after 
that takes you directly to the bar.

The service is pleasant and friendly enough, but they seemed to have 
rather dubious juggling between glasses and recycling of half pints on the 
first draw from a cask.

It has a pleasant garden with nice views of villages set in Oxfordshire 
farmland stretching away to the Ridgeway. It's about a quarter of an 
hour's walk from Marsh Baldon, and about three quarters of an hour's walk 
from Garsington in the opposite direction. No angle, clean, slidy door, 
interestingly. (12.xii.1997)