The Crown (Greene King)
High Street, Charlton-on-Otmoor, Oxford (01865) 331783.

Morrells Oxford GBP 1.70
Unspecified Cider GBP 2.10

Burger and chips GBP 1.95
Cod and chips GBP 2.25 (11.iv.1999)

Martin Brenchley-Cooper updates:
New owner: Gill Vaughan.  The Crown is now a Greene King pub.  The man 
with shorts, beard and flat cap is still a regular.

Colin Batchelor writes:
Corner of High Street and Otmoor Lane, car park, two halves, a public bar and 
a lounge. Man in flat cap, WG Grace beard (no moustache), shorts and deck 
shoes asked us whether we were on the side of Wales or on the side of 
England. Forgetting that if Wales bet England then Scotland would win the 
Four Nations, I mumbled something about being very pleased with the result 
the day before in Paris, and ran into the lounge.

Morrells Oxford on cask and nothing else. But the food is remarkably cheap 
(haven't tried it yet) and they do takeaways. Unfortunately it does suffer 
from what I assume is the new Morrells food slogan "Big Helpings of Great 
Flavour".  (11.iv.1999)