The Cricketers Arms (Morrells)
Temple Road, Cowley

    * Morrells Oxford Bitter 1.76 (

It's a big, rural-looking pub next to the swimming baths at Temple Cowley 
with a garden and Aunt Sally out the back. A long single bar with two 
beers on cask, presently Oxford Bitter and Scorcher, which is a good deal 
more drinkable than Youngs' effort.

When I went it was immediately after England's World Cup victory over 
Colombia, so most of the pub was raucous and accompanied by an odd 
selection of broadly patriotic tunes on the jukebox (I presume it was the 
jukebox, though I've never seen one before that had "Ah Bide With Me" and 
the Dambusters march on it), apart from a quiet corner with a television 
and a small bunch of silent and probably related Liverpudlians.

Beer limited but not a bad place all in all. Marsh Harrier better though. 
No discernible food. (