The Corner House (Banks's)
Hollow Way, Oxford

Banks's Bitter 1.59
Banks's 1.54
Banks's Smoothflow 1.76
Guinness Stout 2.12
Strongbow Cider 2.12 (30.xii.97)

This is right at the very southern tip of OX3, and on the corner of Hollow 
Way and The Slade, just before The Slade becomes Horspath Driftway. 
There's seating on benches outside, and the pub comes in two halves.

The lounge is well-upholstered, with an artexed ceiling and enthusiastic 
wallpaper. The seating seems fairly comfortable. The jukebox is awfully 
sophisticated with a wee computer screen listing the most-requested 
tracks, but is also extremely loud and has a nasty habit of Oasis. The bar 
is rather barer, with a friendly dog and a pool table.

As for beer, the only thing on cask is Banks's, which used to be Banks's 
Mild, and which still confuses bar staff. "A pint of Banks's please." "Do 
you mean Banks's Bitter or Banks's" and so on until you point at the tap 
and mutter something about it being the Mild formerly.

Fifteen degrees. A surprising quantity of gnats in the lounge, despite it 
being the middle of winter. (30.xii.97)