Coach and Horses

Closed for now.


God alone knows what this'll be like when Morrells get around to modernizing it. They do a pub quiz with actual money for prizes.


Ah. Morrells' efforts at modernizing it seem to involve boarding it up. It's covered in club posters now.


(Morrells Smooth GBP 1.86, Morrells Friars Bitter GBP 1.64, Morrells Bitter GBP 1.70) This has the authentic reconstructed pub feel. Old men with implausible moustaches and similar dogs sit around having a quiet pint, smoking gently. The barwoman, who's very nice, is done up to the nines. The ceilings and upper walls are a shade of dark pink I last saw inside a building in the film Trainspotting, then the body of the walls is decorated with a peculiar green, yellow and red quasi-floral wallpaper.