The Coach and Horses, Chiselhampton
Flowers 1.80
Small packet peanuts 25p (v. good)
Walkers crisps 30p (soft) (25.i.98)

Kirstie Jackson writes:
I think they serve Old Speckled Hen. Dozy bar-maid. Doesn't know prices. 
It's a great big pub with a wood burning stove, low beamed ceiling and 
wall-to-wall locals. Home caught produce (pheasant). Lots of meat and 
sufficient amount of vegetables. Free bread. Unsalted butter. Sweet 
trolley with Tiramisu, but I wasn't allowed any. Good-looking fruit salad 
served by a good-ish looking French fruit.

We didn't get any food because we were 5 minutes late. The couple there at 
2 didn't get any either. Moral: Be Early. (25.i.98)