Now defunct. (1999-09-03)

The Cherwell (Free House)
Water Eaton Road, Sunnymead, Oxford

Brakspear Special GBP 2.00
Bass GBP 2.00
Guinness GBP 2.20
Dry Blackthorn Cider GBP 2.10 (1997-12-13)

It gives the very strong impression of being a Visitor's Centre or a gift 
shop, or part of a well-to-do French motorway service station and local 
craft museum.  From the outside it looks like a detached part of an 
industrial estate, probably where they print things.  The garden is a 
wooden platform overlooking a side ditch of the Cherwell.

The beer though is very fine, especially the Brakspear Special.
(Fieldwork: 1997-12-13)