The Cherry Tree (Brakspear's)
Stoke Row, Oxfordshire.

    * Brakspear's Mild 1.80
    * Brakspear's Bitter 2.10
    * Brakspear's Special 2.20 (17.ii.2001)

This is a nice little pub. The name comes from what was formerly the main 
source of income round here. The water came from clay pits that dried up 
in the summer, and that is why the Maharajah of Benares commissioned the 
splendid Victorian well on the far side of the cherry grove from here. The 
well has a golden elephant on top.

Three bitters on cask above. I only had the Special, but it was excellent. 
Two sandwiches and a large Cornish pastie with baked beans came to 5.50 
all in all, which is astonishing when you consider what you could get for 
that in other pubs. Lots of dogs. South-facing aspect. Low ceiling. In 
fact, it's a two storey building the height of a bungalow. (17.ii.2001)