The Cherry Tree Inn (Wadworth)
High Street, Steventon, Abingdon OX13 6RS. Tel. (01235) 831222 
Sign: A cherry tree in pink blossom. 

*	Wadworth Farmer's Glory 2.02 (26.ii.2000)

Do not be fooled by the railings along the High Street in front of it. 
They do not conceal a door. Nor does the ramp lead to a door. The railings 
lead to more railings and you'll never get in. Go into the car park for 
the door.

Five real ales, including the Farmer's Glory, which I thought Wadworth had 
stopped brewing. It was excellent. They had two other Wadworth ales and 
two guests. Very polished and respectable on the inside. Country 
restauranty with one of those imitation leather bound menus, except they 
stopped serving while we were buying beer, which was a shame as I would 
have liked to have stayed for the German beer they had on cask.

The newspapers are the Mail and Mirror. I'll have to come back to try the 
rest of the beer. (26.ii.2000)