The Chequers, Horspath
Worthington Best 1.80
Courage Directors 1.95
Tetley Smoothflow 1.80
Scrumpy Jack 2.10
Guinness Stout 2.20 (18.iii.1998)

The first thing I noticed when I came here in January was that the man 
behind the bar was alarmingly young (he also apparently used to click his 
heels together when taking orders in the restauranty bit) , and next that 
there were no Greenalls ales on offer, but this had changed when I visited 
in March, when they had a cask of Greenalls Original. Presentable enough 
is the pub, with a restauranty bit kept well out of sight (of this I 
heartily approve) out the back, and beyond that a garden where you can't 
hear the Fox FM. Casks consist of Worthington Best, Courage Directors and, 
oddly, the cider.

The restaurant food is pleasant enough, slightly on the expensive side of 
average, but they do big desserts compared with what I've seen in other 
places. Salad a bit neutral.

The pub food seems to be a reasonable price - 1.95 for a jacket potato 
with an arbitrary filling, 3.50 for a jacket potato with a filling 
involving sausages, and 1 for a poke of chips. There's jugs hanging from 
hooks on the ceiling behind the bar like in the Port Mahon, you know. 
Fifteen degrees, and a huge fairground-style wibbly distorting mirror 
outside the facilities. Used to be Halls - there's an engraving on top of 
the cigarette machine to say so. (18.iii.1998)