The Chequers,
High Street (Oxford)

This is one of the two Chequers in central Oxford, the other one near the 
station.  It was refurbished in late 1998/early 1999, revealing some white 
stonework at the far north end, changing the beer (now Morland's Old 
Speckled Hen instead of Marston Pedigree) and removing the coats of arms 
from up the stair in the "Abbots Bar", including that of the National 
Library of Wales.

The bar up the stair is bottles (read alcopops in unnatural colours) and 
cocktails, same as downstairs but in huge numbers.  Pool, a quiz machine, 
and two table football (or foosball) tables.

There is a courtyard outside (has been since 1500 when the building became 
a pub) and Martians.

(Fieldwork: 2001-08)