The Chequers

This is probably the poshest pub in the village. It has appeared in both 
the Good Beer Guide and the Good Pub Food Guide. Someone with an eye for 
typefaces has made satirical additions (using Tipp-Ex) to the Fullers 
adverts which adorn the brick pillars in the place.

It sits on the corner of Goddards Lane, which slopes steeply, and Spring 
Lane, where the theatre is. The seating is comfortable, and various games, 
like Scrabble and Backgammon sit on top of the piano in the corner.

There is no angle, but the facilities are clean, and soap and working hand 
driers are provided. The decor in the facilities is rather disturbingly 
green.   More disturbingly, in the same corner as the piano is a 
photograph of that corner in the pub.  Fortunately in most cases the 
people in the photograph aren't the same people as you, if you sit there.  
Liz says there's a bit of Sapphire and Steel like that.