The Cavalier (Vanguard Inns)
Copse Lane, New Marston, Oxford

Monday to Saturday 11am to 11pm
Sunday 12 noon to 10.30pm

Friary Meux Bitter 1.60
Stella Artois 2.40 (26.vii.1998)

Vanguard Inns is the leasing division of Allied Domecq.

The maroon and gold Halls paintwork of this pub has been replaced by the 
green of Vanguard, and the inside has been redone with plush carpets, 
curtains, two-tone wallpaper, and a seven foot tall model of the Academy 
Award statuette in the corridor.

Surprisingly for where it is, there's two or three bitters on tap, 
including the above-mentioned Friary Meux bitter.

At quarter to seven on a Sunday evening the clientele were singing
Vindaloo at the tops of their voices. Didn't see the fishtank, though.

Liz Beaumont Bissell writes (before the renovation):
All the denizens of this place would appear to be related to one another, 
in many cases several times over. Rather scary, really. Well, the fish in 
the large mouldering fish-tank look scared, anyway. Come in here in 
sub-fusc, and you'd probably end up in the fish-tank yourself. Not