The Catherine Wheel, Sandford-upon-Thames
Free House
Brakspear Bitter 1.70
John Smiths 1.80
Brakspear Special 1.90
Beamish Black 2.10
Guinness 2.16
Bailey's 2.10
Rum and Coke 1.65 (3.ix.1998)

Interior pleasant and bricky and brassy (collection of guns on the ceiling), 
but the quality of beer really leaves something to be desired. The first time 
round in December 1997, my encounter with a revolting pint of Brakspear 
Bitter I put down to either Brakspear being not very good, or a bad barrel 
from the brewery. But they were quite relaxed about chucking out time, which 
was fairly welcome after a long tramp from Marsh Baldon, so I let it pass.

On the second encounter in September 1998, I tried the Brakspear Special, 
usually a very pleasant hoppy pint, but the overall impression was of hops 
distantly tasted through something it probably isn't healthy to drink. Pete 
said it tasted brackish. The yuck component of the flavour was about the same 
as in the Brakspear Bitter, if I remember.

They have a sign saying "NO TRAVELERS" (sic) outside. (3.ix.1998)