The Carpenters Arms (Beefeater, tied to Morrells)
West Way, Botley, Oxford

Morrells Oxford Bitter 1.76
Whitbread Best Bitter 1.86
Morrells Graduate 2.06
Stowford Press Cider 2.10
Murphy's Stout 2.24 (9.ii.98)

Aargh. It's full of lurid yellow lighting and very children-friendly 
restauranty. The facilities are predictably pristine and sparkling and had 
a pushchair left outside them. Fifteen degrees. It's sandwiched between 
West Way and a street with the marvellous name of Old Botley. They only do 
Morrells Oxford Bitter and Graduate on cask, but I've only had their 
Oxford Bitter, which was better than I remembered it.