The (Famous) Bullnose Morris (Morrells)
Watlington Road, Blackbird Leys, Oxford

I don't know what it was like before the refit, but now from the outside 
it looks like a garden centre. It's opposite the junction with the road up 
to Garsington (in this, there is a hint). Now it's immensely plush, lit in 
red, filled with implausible amounts of baraphernalia (including beer 
bottles that have been glued down to the surfaces) and is aiming itself at 
hungry motorists with children.

What looks like more-expensive-than-usual pub food turns out to be 
actually considerable portions.

Not unreasonable Varsity available. Judging from the blackboards, they 
used to retail Graduate, but have pulled back from it. There's the actual 
radiator of a Bullnose Morris, which was presented to them by the Bullnose 
Morris Club in 1967 in amongst the fishing nets and tat. One oddity is a 
table in the shape of a bed.

And outside it appears to have been renamed The Famous Bullnose Morris.