The Bullingdon Arms (Free House)
Cowley Road, Oxford

Morland Old Speckled Hen (5.2%) 2.20
Gin and tonic 2.20 (30.vii.1998)

This is a generic Free House, but worse. It contains the usual free house 
stuff, Bass, Tetley, Morland OSH, etc, completely incompetent bar staff, 
and feels like a bad college bar. They have Sky Sports (in all 
directions), which doesn't help, and mock exposed bits of brickwork on the 
walls. That is, the bits of exposed brickwork are fake. Yes. There's also 
an incomplete lump of brick wall covered in lumps and brick dust in the 
middle of the bar.

They have lots of price lists from early last century, but none actually 
from 1997. The chief use of this pub, or "cafe bar / venue" as it 
advertises itself, is as a venue, which it plugs heavily. This is fair, as 
it really isn't much cop as a pub. (30.vii.1998)