The Bulldog (Courage)
St Aldates, Oxford,/a>

Courage Best GBP 1.85 (1998-08-11)

Despite the height of the summer, the Courage Best was oddly drinkable and 
quite pleasant.  Rough in here towards the end of the evening.  Don't come 
in subfusc.

The body of the pub is spacious and tall with red plush seating in 
surprisingly good condition, with a black and white tiled floor out 
towards the back. The gents is downstairs.  Kate Pugh is insistent on 
mentioning that in the Ladies, the pedestal has some sort of carved foot 
to it and the cistern is made of wood.

They do food.  The cocktails are GBP 2.50 a throw and come out of bottles 
behind the bar.  They seem to have removed the enormous projection screen 
hanging above the door, but not the projector.

The pub sign shows the actual dog on one side, and the underlings of the 
Proctorson the other.