The Bull, The Green, Great Milton
Baguette with ham and mustard 2.95
Coke/lemonade 75p
Jonathan Crisp crisps 45p (11.x.1998)

Owen Massey (who is a sensitive flower, and pay no attention to the
bit about the brawls) writes:
The Bull is a thatched cottage in the centre of the village and thankfully 
provides food at prices lower than the village's other eating-place, Le 
Manoir Aux Quat' Saisons (or Le Grand Blanc). The baguette is of course 
the cheapest thing on the menu.

Two pub dogs, or possibly one very long dog. Tables that look like 
Elizabeth Shaw mints, or the gong that used to appear on Rank films. 
Talking Heads (the band, not the monologue) in the frightening public bar, 
where a space had been cleared evidently for brawls. Fifteen degrees in 
the facilities. Jumpers for goalposts. (11.x.1998)