The Bull Inn, Sheep Street, Charlbury
Free House

    * Greene King IPA 1.80
    * Strongbow Dry Cider 2.10 (

Guy Towlson writes:
We stayed there for two or three days last year - the food is excellent. 
It is a 'restaurant within a pub' rather than a pub-grub set-up; akin to 
The White House on Botley Road Oxford, and as The Vine at Cumnor used to 
be (before it changed hands), but without the rowdiness (remember it is 
the Cotswolds, darling...).

The roast Gressingham duck was particularly memorable, with confit-soft 
meat hidden beneath a thick crisp amber skin. I seem to recall an 
enjoyable salad of some sort of smoked fish (might have been eel, but 
can't actually remember). Wild mushroom salad too. In fact all of the food 
was good, including breakfast (top sausage). Don't recall having any beer 
during our stay, but the wine-list gave us a couple of good bottles. It is 
a excellent place to stay - our room was elegantly done with use of good 
natural materials and colours, it was large and airy room, and had a 
powerful shower. (2000)

Surly editorial gripe:
Wander in off street. No food, as had been discovered earlier due to huge 
pressure on restaurant. Woman sitting by bar had been waiting since 
yesterday. Food actually quite expensive, but we were looking at the bowl 
of chips for 1.50 or possibly the garlic bread at 1.80. Barman behind 
bar dealing with customer.

Beer on offer consisting of Greene King's IPA and Abbot Ale. Barman goes 
out of the bar, opens door to street, and then carries on processing the 
customer. Fails to acknowledge the number of other customers waiting 
behind bar. There is a huge bottle of Galliano on a shelf. Why do they 
make them that tall? Is it any relation of the Galliano that makes hats?

David Cronenbergiana on plate in front of box marked BROWN BEAUTY. Barman 
wanders off into restaurant.

Barman reappears, makes eye contact. Argument amongst us behind bar about 
who was first. I come second. Owen comes third. (