Broadway, Didcot, Oxfordshire OX11 8RG. Tel. Abingdon (01235) 814924

    * Courage Directors 2.05
    * Strongbow Cider 2.20 (13.i.2000)

Astonishingly brightly-lit at quarter past seven in the evening this is. 
Whitewashed walls inside and out and a pub sign with Art Deco Thirties 
mobster figures on it.

I think it doubles as Didcot's night spot. Certainly you can get passes at 
The Sprat along the road in order to get in here after half past ten. 
Barman has a Scrumpy Jack pump clip facing the customer, but no Scrumpy 
Jack is available. Video game machines, including the ancient Telly 
Addicts one that used to be in the Lamb and Flag in Oxford.

Fair enough pint of Courage Directors though. Possibly one of the better 
one's I've had. (13.i.2000)