The Broad Face (Greene King)
32 Bridge Street, Abingdon OX14 3HR. Tel. Abingdon (01235) 524516.

Old sign: The broad face of a redheaded rugby player on a sky blue background.
New sign: "Broad Face", cream on red. 

Colin Batchelor writes:
This (see bottom) used to be a fairly typical Morland pub.  Now it gives 
the impression of being a Greene King pub with an unusual amount of 
freedom, not somewhere they're likely to say "We don't have any cheese, 
will mozzarella do?"

It's all magnolia, blackboards and bare floorboards on the inside. Some 
mains under GBP 10 and nothing over GBP 15.  Mongolian Lamb is typical of 
the rather good food.


Steven Green writes:
"The Broad Face" was completely transformed a couple of years ago, and
feels more like a trendy bar than a pub now.  The food is excellent and
the beer very well served, although more expensive than most other
pubs.  They usually have Morland Original, Abbot Ale and a guest.  There
was some controversy when it was converted because the original
hanged-man pub sign was removed, but this seems to have been forgotten 


Apparently this pub was originally the Saracen's Head, but repeated 
repainting of the sign transformed it into the Broad Face. It's on the 
corner of Thames Street and Bridge Street by the river, and is the nearest 
pub to the Unicorn Theatre, part of the Abbey Buildings.

Morland Original and Greene King Abbot Ale (not bad) available. Very busy 
on a Saturday night, only a fraction of this on account of people coming 
from the theatre. All Seventies veneer and tiny light bulbs in pink glass 
lampshades over the place. (26.ii.2000)