The Britannia (Benskins)
Lime Walk, Headington, Oxford

Tetley Cask Bitter 1.70
Dry Blackthorn Cider 1.98 (24.i.98)

Says "Benskins" on the outside, but it's a pretty standard
Carlsberg-Tetley job. Twin cask Tetley pumps, and a huge mesmerizing video
screen showing VH1, not unlike the Magdalen Arms in that last respect, but
otherwise quite dissimilar. Kebab van parked outside, and when I went it
was full of Oxford United supporters, but the atmosphere was footbally
more than anything else. I'd tried to visit here the other year, but I
arrived at 2257 in the evening and a pierced barman told me it was past
eleven, so I had a coffee out of the Shell garage across the street
instead. Bar stools often worn through to the stuffing.

Owen says the Dry Blackthorn served in here tastes like beer. (24.i.1998)