Now closed (2001).

The Britannia (Morrells)
Church Street, Kidlington.

Morrells Oxford GBP 1.76
Bulmer's Strongbow Dry Cider GBP 2.06
Wheat Crunchies 40 p (6.i.1999)

Bar billiards. This is the chief thing to recommend the pub. Aside from 
this, it's light, sparse, stone-floored, airy, with a surprisingly small 
amount of seating considering that you can't move for tripping over 
chairs. There was darts being played in here on a Wednesday night in 
January as well.

Morrells Oxford is the sole real ale on tap. The last time I saw anyone 
with a haircut like the barman was Trevor Eve when he had it long. At 
least, I'm assuming he had it long when he was in Shoestring.

The snacks on sale are Wheat Crunchies and cockles in vinegar in wee bags. 
I've never seen the latter before, and didn't dare try them. (6.i.1999)