The Brewery Tap (Morland)
Ock Street, Abingdon

    * Morland Bitter 1.65
    * Morland Smooth 1.70
    * Morland Old Speckled Hen 2.00
    * Strongbow Cider 1.90
    * Guinness Stout 2.20

This is an attractively wainscoted Morland pub sitting right next to the 
Morland Brewery on Ock St. It is frequently besieged at lunchtimes by the 
employees of Lloyds Bank next door.

Spacious, service a bit slow, light, carpeted, fifteen degrees. I am 
assured that the food is excellent and reasonably priced. My first 
experience of the hostelries in Abingdon and a splendid one at that.