Now closed. (2012-12-12)

The Brewery Gate (Morrells)
St Thomas Street, Oxford

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 8am to 6pm
Friday 8am to 11pm
Saturday 6pm to 11pm
Closed Sunday (26.i.98)

Morrells Oxford Bitter 1.65
Morrells Mild 1.60
Morrells Varsity 1.90
Morrells Graduate 2.10
Guinness 2.30
Cider 1.95
Scrumpy Jack 2.30 (17.ix.97)

This pub, next to Morrells Brewery gate (hence the name - formerly it was 
the Marlborough Arms), has wooden floor, and when I arrived, the 
loudspeakers were playing Fox FM.

It does food at breakfast and lunchtime but not much in the evening. It 
does however do the complete range of Morrells beers, very well, and has 
most of the newspapers, but for the new-look Independent, on a shelf.

The toilets are green, very clean, and have no angle. An excellent pub, 
and one to be visited if you're in the area. (17.ix.97)

Liz Beaumont Bissell writes:
I have never been in this pub, but when I was an undergraduate and lived 
down Woodbine Place I used to think that conservatives, satanists, or 
rotarians or something used to meet there on account of the curtains being 
kept ominously shut of an evening. It reminded me of one of those episodes 
of The Avengers.

It's all new now, and I need to investigate. (5.x.2000)