The Blue Boar, Goddards Lane
Free House

    * Wadworth 6X 2.00 (

Moo? That was a five minute wonder. --- The landlord.

There was a time, about two years ago, you could get Moo here. It was an 
alcomilk. The teenagers the pub is full of seem to have arrived then and 
not left since. Unimaginative beer, though in a decent state for the stage 
of summer. Awful soundtrack: surely a jukebox would be an improvement?

Rather old, with beams across the ceiling, with good bay windows, and with 
a floor on several different levels. At the far end is two snooker tables, 
with benches along both sides (on the walls) for spectators. Large TV 
screens with Sky Sports on them.

Immediately outside the door, Goddards Lane slopes steeply away towards 
Church Street. "Rolling home drunk" indeed. (