The Blue Boar, Tucks Lane, Longworth
Orange juice 1.00
Coke 1.00 (20.ii.1999)

Magnificent pub sign, on the better-preserved north side showing a blue 
boar sitting placidly on a table in amongst heraldry, and on the south 
side showing a blue boar standing on all fours. Lamp above the door 
indicating when the pub is open. Oh, and it's thatched and stuccoed.

Came in to find a small knot of regulars watching the Five Nations match 
with Wales against Ireland, and an Australian barman. This is the only pub 
I have ever been in which has a rugby team of its own. Indeed, there's 
posters and photographs up of their recent tours in Central Europe.

Beers on cask are Morrells Oxford and Morrells Varsity, which is a relief 
in deepest Morland territory, though I didn't have either of them because 
I was cycling. The menu on blackboards at the north end of the pub seems 
to be a good deal more imaginative than your usual pub stuff, with unusual 
things done to pheasant and squid on it.

Good place. For an evening meal there, I reckon the best strategy is to 
take the Faringdon bus out in the early evening, and a taxi back. Can't 
tell you how much the latter would be though. (20.ii.1999)