The Black Swan (Morrells)
Crown Street, Oxford

Morrells Friars Bitter 1.55
Morrells Oxford Bitter 1.77
Stowford Press Cider 2.00 (17.i.98)

First things first -- doesn't do food of any description. Very white 
walls, which makes it one of the lighter pubs in the area, and a limited 
range of beers, being a cask Morrells Oxford, and keg Friars and Brewery 
Gate Smooth, and Guinness, and Stowford Press Cider. The whole effect of 
the pub, with the white walls, perfunctory carpet, green wooden pelmets 
with black swans painted on them, and wooden bars round about the bar, is 
oddly, but not entirely, like a church hall.

It has the biggest jukebox you've ever seen, and it looks a bit like a 
cross between a Wurlitzer and Darth Vader's helmet. The material on it 
appears to be largely Irish folk music, but that might just have been 
whoever had been willing to put any money in. Very much a locals' place, 
but friendly nonetheless. The Gents had two cold taps, a turning one and a 
press-down one. I've never seen this before. (17.i.98)