The Black Prince (Free House), Manor Road, Old Woodstock

Archers Golden Village Bitter GBP 1.70
Sunday lunches GBP 5.95 (14.iii.1999)

It's at the bottom of the hill coming out of Woodstock town centre, just to
the north of the river Glyme, and overlooked by large chunks of Blenheim Park. 
It has a capacious garden by the river, and a sign saying that it welcomes
walkers, and offers afternoon teas.

Not when I popped in at half past three on a Sunday afternoon it didn't.  The
young man in a polo shirt behind the bar seemed a bit confused by the
whole idea of tea, so I had a half of bitter, which was good.  The choice
offered also included Theakston's Old Peculier and Bateman's XB.

There's a suit of armour at the south end of the pub, standing up, a gas
heater with a copy of the Sunday Times (and a magazine that might have come
out of the Sunday Post) and a youngish manager in a mauve shirt who seems to
know what he's doing.

When I was there it was briefly attacked by a bunch of seventeen-or-so-year
olds on a pubcrawl, but this didn't last long and probably isn't typical.

Briefly appears in Kate Pugh's Vegan Guide.

2002-07-13 / 1999-03-14