The Black Horse (Morland)
Banbury Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire

    * Morland Independent IPA 1.60
    * Morland Original Bitter 1.76
    * Morland Old Speckled Hen 2.06
    * Bulmer's Strongbow Dry Cider 1.98 (6.i.1999)

This low-ceilinged expansive pub was refurbished in October and November 
1998. I don't know what it was like beforehand, but it has rather more of the 
feel of a bar than a pub, with unpatterned red walls, dark stained wood 
floor, dark green doors, an orange ceiling like the front cover of Garbage's 
Version 2.0 album, and subdued fluorescent lighting.

Sparklers on the Original and O.S.H., which tasted bland even by its own low 
standards. Clientele mostly under twenty-five as far as I could make out. Not 
to be confused with the Black Bull next door. (6.i.1999)

Martyn Preston reports:
Now has Karaoke on Thursday nights. (1.xi.2000)