The Black Horse, Gozzards Ford
Splash of orange juice 80p (13.ii.1999)

Gozzards Ford is a small row of houses on the edge of Abingdon airfield, 
which is a protected place under the meaning of the Official Secrets Act. 
Some way away from it at the foot of Black Horse Lane, which runs to 
Cothill and the surprising sprawl of Dry Sandford, is this place.

It has an ample car park, corridors, and two bars, a tack bar, which is 
full of sneering youths playing pool and neon lights, and a stable bar, 
which is more carpeted, foody, and has what Owen would call scary locals 
in it.

It had Ruddles Best on tap. I, being cycling, asked for an orange juice, 
and got a mouthful from one of those miniature bottles sloshed into a half 
pint glass for 80p. (13.ii.1999)