The Black Bull (Free House)
2 Banbury Road, Kidlington

    * Fuller's London Pride 2.00
    * Full English Breakfast 2.95
    * Coffee 80p (12.iv.2001)

The tearoom being on holiday today, I went out to the Black Bull in 
Kidlington for my lunch. This was urgent since it's closing for redecoration 
on the 22nd of April.

The London Pride was in good condition, but I'm not used to it being 
sparklered. I think it was sparklered. Certainly it's not as hoppy as usual. 
Kitchen in full view of the pub. People who might have been computer 
programmers playing pool on the pool table. Grassy triangle outside on 
Banbury Road with benches. Silent jukebox. Cribbage notices on the 
noticeboard. Salmon-coloured walls.

Then lunch arrives. It is a full English breakfast, and is enormous. The 
bread is very fine too. Two each of bacon, sausages, fried eggs and hash 
browns. More than two baked beans. Lots of baked beans in fact. I return to 
Oxford happy and rather full. (12.iv.2001)