The Bell (Wadworth)
Faringdon, Oxfordshire.

Put off at first by the local youths sitting on the benches outside (I 
think they're the ones who are too old to hang about in the car park round 
the back of the Red Lion), but on going inside, it's rather quiet, and 
when "I Believe in Miracles" (insert brackets to taste there) by Hot 
Chocolate stops looping the piped, largely Motown, music becomes 

6X and Henry's (now Original) IPA on offer. Laminated menu of largely 
traditional bar food (I have the scampi and chips) and one of those dark 
red leather-effect menu with more restauranty things. Not many people want 
food, so it arrives pretty quickly. Two local pierced youths attempt to 
chat up the Spanish barmaid. High ceilings and murals of local 
countryside. Grapes and church spires in the distance. Bright yellow paper 
napkins. (1.vii.2000)