The Bell Hotel, Church Street, Charlbury
Old English Pub Company

    * Old Speckled Hen 2.10
    * Orange and Lemonade 1.00 (

Expensive food. The cheapest on offer (I was getting hungry by now) was 
the range of baguettes, at about three pounds ninety-five a shot. 
Moustachioed man in red and blue tie behind bar offering an amazing range 
of fruity alcoholic drinks, including creme de banane. No lovage.

Small east-facing room with beaten copper tables, mint green seating (onto
which a woman spilled much of a glass of wine when sitting down badly) and
a copy of the Sun, and candles, even though it was still daylight.
Uninspired but not actively bad pint of OSH.

Above average hotel bar, really. Not a place I'd come to out of choice. 

Apparently they've stopped serving real ale now. Have to go back and 
check. (16.viii.1999)