Now The City Tavern (2005-08).

Bar Oz (Courage) Market Street, Oxford Courage Best GBP 1.84 (1998-08-18) James Davey writes: Wooden signs pointin to various Australian cities. Hum. Clocks with the time in Perth, London, Auckland, etc. on. Lots of televisions with sport on. Ah. Large wooden man in big hat leaning against the bar. Quite so. Bank of video games at the far end. Bar Oz does not serve real ale, just in case you were in any doubt. As such you won't catch me nipping in there for a swift pint. However, it does do good, reasonably priced food and offers plenty of sport watching opportunities if that takes your fancy. The Australian interior is obviously a bit OTT but it isn't done in a repulsive way. Bright but not garish. Food was burgers (with any different toppings), bacon things and chicken wings etc. Vegetarians catered for (I had veggie burger with veggie chilli) and I seem to recall a number of other veggie dishes. We (myself, Dan Smith and Darien Graham-Smith) all enjoyed our meals. They don't take Switch (as the barman pointed out there are plenty of cash points nearby). Good for food and sport. (1998-01-09) Editorial note: There is a real ale these days, but it's Courage Best. Bar Oz used to be the Roebuck. It had a reputation for being rough and townie which was odd if you considered the percentage of bar staff who were undergraduates. (1998-08-18)