The Barley Mow, Clifton Hampden
Chef and Brewer (Courage)
Courage Directors 1.70
Courage Best 1.85
Elwood Golden Newt 2.00
Guinness 2.05
Strongbow Cider 2.10
Vladivar 1.30
Bailey's 1.80
Coke 1.15
Walkers Crisps 40p (14.iii.1998)

Before the bridge at Clifton Hampden was built, this pub (which was, 
according to their tabletop bumf, in action in 1352) was where the ferry 
across the Thames here operated from. It's very restauranty on the inside 
and old-fashioned on the outside, with a thatched roof and white 
clapperboarded walls (I can't remember what we call clapperboards on this 
side of the Atlantic), and candles on the tables (oh dear). Roughly 
T-shaped, with the stem pointing west and the bar on the southern side of 

Trouble is, it's trying too hard to be a family restaurant and not a pub 
(one guest ale). It has all the historical atmosphere of an old man's 
backside. Fortunately there was a chip shop in Berinsfield about two miles 
back along the A415.

It's good. But it's not as good as the church (which was locked).