The Angel and Greyhound (Youngs)
30 St Clements, Oxford OX4 1AB. Tel. (01865) 242660

    * Smiles Best 2.08
    * Coffee 80p (24.viii.1999)

William Ham-Bevan of Jesus College, a wag, has come up with The Dog and 
Dog, a reference to the pubsign, which shows the signpainter's wife (I 
presume) in stole, halo and wings standing next to a greyhound amongst 
clouds in front of an "A Matter of Life and Death"(I think that's the 
David Niven film I'm thinking of)-style staircase, as a nickname for the 

I myself suffer from the Curse of the Angel and Greyhound. Any arrangement 
to meet someone there will fall through horribly. So what is there to do 
on your own there?

Recently the guest ale has changed from the achingly predictable Wadworth 
6X to an excellent pint of Smiles Best. There's a back patio that segues 
seamlessly into the St Clements car park, and all the facilities are up a 
steep staircase.

There's a bookcase with the 1998 and 1999 copies of the Good Beer Guide 
(mysteriously the Oxfordshire pages that have fallen out the latter have 
ended up in the former) next to a bar billiards table. A game of bar 
billiards here costs 50p, as opposed to a pound everywhere else I've been. 
I'm coming back. Hopefully not on my own next time. (24.viii.1999)

Owen Massey writes:
The Angel and Greyhound has a good selection of pub games, including 
Scrabble, and in the far corner are pictures of Prince Charles pulling a 
pint and a gap-toothed Queen Mother getting happily pissed. It's a 
sizeable pub and you can usually get through without spilling your pint 
even when it's crowded. There are four or five tables outside on the 
forecourt (or whatever it's called). 

Pontus Lurcock adds:
Doesn't have guest ales any more, except in the sense of Young's own
seasonal brews.

The Angel and Greyhound has the virtue of being situated almost
opposite an incoming London coach stop, which makes it useful for
meeting visiting Wen-dwellers. The 21:50 from Shepherd's Bush got us
there for last orders, but only because the driver skipped Lewknor

Same as ever.